Sunday, May 1, 2011

Vegetable Garden

Today I put most of the vegetable garden in,I still have some more to do but my brother came by and we have been walking around looking at plants in the yard and taking a bit of a break.Here's what I got,the row near the fence is all Tomatoes,there is Black BrandyWine,Red BrandyWine, Rutgers,Cherokee Purple,Paul Robeson black Russians.The next row is all beans there is Eye of the Goat,Red Calypso,Turkey Craw,Pinto Snaps,and Florida speckled.The next row is all yellow squash and zucchini's and next to the last is a row of pickling cucumbers and the last row is cabbage and early jalapenos and pablano's and hot Portugal peppers and that's all I'm doing this year..Tomorrow I will clone a FireBall Hibiscus,there is a gray area on reproducing a patented plant.I feel that like shine if its for your use then you can for instance if a plant needed divided in order to preserve its health would you throw the divisions away,not me,but I wouldn't sell them that wouldn't be legal to do and more importantly it wouldn't be right to the person that worked so hard developing this plant if it is a for varying reasons I'm gonna clone it then destroy it.:)

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