Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tumbling Composter

Its cold and drizzly today but I did manage to do a little something after working last nite...

I started out using a 55 gal plastic drum.A good place to obtain these drums is to call your local car washes,thats how I got mine,it was free always better..Be sure and clean the inside out really well...I cleaned the inside after I cut my door..Thats the 1st step I did was to cut the door,I used a jigsaw and layed it out with a square and pencil...
Next step-- I drilled holes all in the container for ventilation and drainage
 3rd step-- I cut the holes in the ends.I found the center and I already knew I was going to use a 2 in pipe so I just made my holes two inches,you can use a soup can or coffee cup what ever is close to 2 inches and draw your circle then cut it out.I used a jigsaw for this also..
4th step-- I added a piece of angle iron to the inside that I bought at the hardware store,this was for a counterbalance and also if youve seen the inside of a washer or dryer,there will be fins for lack of better word to help with tumbling..When I say counterbalance,I put it opposite the door,that way more weight will be at the bottom making the door always on top..
5th step-- I bought 4 toilet flanges and then I put one on each side of the holes on the ends and bolted them together,this makes like a bearing for the drum to spin on ..Two on the inside and two on the outside..
6th step-- I added the door back onto the drum,using the same piece I previously cut out..I attached it with two hinges and a latch
7th step I added a piece of pipe for the drum to spin on ..
Next I will build a frame for all this to sit on,I want to keep in mind to have it high enough off the ground to place a wheelbarrow under..Im thinking two 4x4s in the ground with holes for the pipe to run through then a handle on the drum in order to spin it...something simple...this last just to give you an idea of the size of this beast..should be able to make a lot of compost in this and the price is very very good on it..I checked the prices at stores and I couldnt justify it,I thought to myself why pay 150.00 when I can build it for 10.00..And the 30 gal. one that I got for free at another carwash that one will be for compost tea,more to come on that later....

And here it is Finished
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  1. Very creative and resourceful! :) I have been thinking of making some rain barrels, but nothing as fancy as your composter! Just a way to catch rain and use it to try and conserve water a little. Very cool post!

  2. What a really cool idea for just pennies! You have a real talent!

  3. You have given me a project to ponder over the winter. Thanks and nice job!