Thursday, June 23, 2011

Today's Harvest

This is definetly been a good year so far,we needed it after the last 3 yrs of droughts.I've been canning bread and butter pickles and shredding and bagging and freezing squash.Today I got some big zucc's and a few squash and more pickling cuc's and a head of cabbage.I'm sure I will be out there picking more tomorrow.Now its an everyday thing trying to find them while they hide.

The head of cabbage looks small compared to these monster vegetables,The zuccs are bigger than my dog..

Monday, June 20, 2011


I'm not just a vegetable gardener,I love to grow flowers,I get that from my mother,I usually grow all my plants from seed or take cuttings or divisions from someone else's.I have even been known to drive through a fast food place with my snips hanging out the window taking cuttings of their crape myrtles while waiting for my sweet tea order ;o)..So some flower picks  for today,It's raining and I'm inside canning pickles..
Here is a new zinnia,I couldn't resist the packet this spring and I have to say it looks like the cover of the seed packet,zinnia's never dissappoint you

 Purple cone flowers 1st year blooming

Anise hyssop- a 5ft bushy, smells like black licorice,bee magnet

Bee balm another big plant that the bee's love

I love to take pictures with a peek over or through a plant view