Saturday, April 16, 2011

Marigolds,Zinnias and Cosmos

First the weather,not good little chilly little windy and a lot of rainny but its all good because today is the day I can't play anyway..Every year about now is when I put out the marigolds,zinnias and cosmos and then I do the annual vines and a few more annual flowers like the crego asters and ageratum,you see they dont like the cold so its better to waite till you think you wont get any frosts and I think that maybe in about two or three weeks when they germinate that we might be in the clear..Little man(grandson) is coming over today and spending the nite and that will be a good project for him and I,tommorow..I'm getting the seeds all together and I've got a pile of them but I'm glad I saved so many because I think I want to put a zinnia and cosmos bed in along the entire length of the back fence this year..I think it will be beautiful...

Thats a lot of seed....Here are the new zinnias and marigolds I'm gonna try..I'm a sucker for new zinnias

Last year I planted Purple Princess and loved it..I think annuals like marigolds and zinnias are the workhorses of the flowerbeds..They bloom nonstop till frost..

Friday, April 15, 2011


Still planning the porch area,I'm seeing building the porch swing and the restaining and maybe some decorative trim at each side of the posts and then definetly hanging baskets but thats all Im seeing if anyone have an idea let me know..Its not big its 6 ft deep and 20 ft long...maybe build a nice shoe bench that the top comes up and you can store shoes in then a cushioned top that you can also use as a seat..I'm out of ideas here..notice in the photo I've got grass in the pines now in another two weeks it will be full of grass,I burnt all the pines last fall and then scratched the ground up and seeded over the winter this spring I reseeded it again a week ago.Its looking good now..

So I need your CREATIVITY please..Anyone with an Idea just comment here or email me....

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Yard Tilled and Seeded

Ok here are a few pics of the areas I've tried to fix with reseeding,hopefully I will have some good grass come up in these areas..I found some lettuce that reseeded in the vegetable garden so I dug it up and planted it in rows.I wasn't planning on growing lettuce this year but if it wants in that badly then I will oblige it..I have cabbage and beets coming up..

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Today on the way home this morning,I picked up one more bale of straw, and finished up the reseeded and tilled areas,tomorrow I will post a picture of the areas..I have been going over plans in my head,on a porch swing..I would like to spruce up the front porch area,I'm thinking,build a porch swing,restain the porch floor and stain the swing to match..Ive just been finalizing the details of it in my head..If you can picture it in your mind you can do it and I've almost got all the details pictured.Also I would like to build my daughter a hectagon pick- nick table before summer is out and I need to build a place for my riding lawn mower to be stored..So today is just a day of pondering,laying out and finalizing small details,going over imaginary material lists and going to the lumber yard in my head and choosing those materials I will need..
If you can see it,you can do it..                  

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Repotting Tomatos

                                        I  repotted some of the tomato sprouts today that have germinated,they are getting there true leaves and I just want one per cup,It looks like rain out today which is good because I tilled up a quarter of the lawn and put grass seed down yesturday afternoon,I knew I would,and this morning I went and got a couple of bales of straw and put that over it..There will be more Toms to repot soon enough they are sprouting like mad with this warm weather..                                       

Monday, April 11, 2011

Sleep,Creep and leap

I've had my coffee and cereal and I need to mow the yard today and I have a lil project in front of the gate that I'm gonna take and till that area and put(I know I Know,here comes the bad word)grass seed down,the area has become a bit compacted

They say when you put out a shrub the 1st year it sleeps the 2nd year it creeps and the 3rd year it leaps
I have some 3rd year shrubs so hopefully this will be the year they leap..

I put out 5 lilac cuttings from my mothers and my mother-in-law,2 years ago no blooms yet but this might be the year

                                                                       lilac bush

                                                  azalea bush about to bloom 3rd year

Double bloom Rose Of  Sharon(3rd year)

                                              Forsythia that bloomed this year(3rd year)

                                                            Burning Bush(3rd year)
                                                           Mock Orange(3rd year)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Plants

Today my brother came over and we changed the oil in his truck, my truck and my wife's car.We had a good time.My wife brought me this plant from a cutting she was given by a friend.She said it was a Pink Forsythia

When I went to get the oil at Walmart, I couldn't resist the Rasberry plant,It was on sale for $2.00

Now I will have rasberries to go with the rhubarb and grapes...