Monday, April 11, 2011

Sleep,Creep and leap

I've had my coffee and cereal and I need to mow the yard today and I have a lil project in front of the gate that I'm gonna take and till that area and put(I know I Know,here comes the bad word)grass seed down,the area has become a bit compacted

They say when you put out a shrub the 1st year it sleeps the 2nd year it creeps and the 3rd year it leaps
I have some 3rd year shrubs so hopefully this will be the year they leap..

I put out 5 lilac cuttings from my mothers and my mother-in-law,2 years ago no blooms yet but this might be the year

                                                                       lilac bush

                                                  azalea bush about to bloom 3rd year

Double bloom Rose Of  Sharon(3rd year)

                                              Forsythia that bloomed this year(3rd year)

                                                            Burning Bush(3rd year)
                                                           Mock Orange(3rd year)

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