Saturday, April 23, 2011

They're Back

Seems after yellow the next color to show up in the garden is blue and not long after that is purple and then the rainbow of colors follows,at least that's the way it is around here..My wife(Laurie) saw a hummingbird yesterday returning to the yard after his winter vacation somewhere tropical,he flew up to her to promptly inform her of his return and that he would be expecting to be fed daily if she were to enjoy his company throughout the summer and I am sure that was his intentions.I've seen them fly to the window and look inside the house looking for me or her to inform us their feeder is empty..You know I like a pet like that,one to let you know their food supply is empty,takes a little bit of work out of it on my part if you ask me..Laurie went to the store and bought them a new feeder,the other damaged in winter storms this past winter and she filled it and hung it up for them..Now I can watch their midair attacks on one another yet again this summer.They are very possessive of their feeders.They are fun to watch especially when they come looking for you..

Friday, April 22, 2011

Where's Spring

I reckon spring  took the day off,its a bit chilly here but is supposed to warm back up tomorrow,good!!I've been looking over designs for the porch swing and have decided on an Adirondack type design for it.Hopefully Monday I can pick up some materials for it and get started.I'm definitely wearing a sweatshirt tonite to work,I can't get over how cold it is..
Something from last year to warm me up..                                                                

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Painted Boxes

My Toms are doing real good I can't believe how fast they are growing.I repotted a bunch of them today in their own little cups and did a bunch of peppers too
They are healthy,wintersowing is the way to go with these..
The composter is doing really well.Its heating up nicely,I have another one to build for Jerry a friend of mine and with the help of some very nice people at a soil forum on GardenWeb,I have to decided to make a couple of modifications,they had really good ideas on this and will document it when we build it .Thank you Darth weeder and Taz..
My Fireball hibiscus is coming up and I dug up one of the sprouts and transplanted it along the driveway,hopefully it will take root,it is truly my favorite plant around here.

The azalea is blooming in the pines,3rd year and it looks really nice
And yes I painted my grandson's boxes..Thank you Bradley(lilMan)

Well time to go water some more straw....

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Straw Watering

Well I've just been watering straw for the last few hours..Its hot and I'm still trying to get grass in the areas I tilled.Was supposed to rain today but theyve called it off..Hopefully friday we will get some rain..Tomatoes are taking off they like this dry hot weather.My truck is green now instead of red,the pollen is heavy right now,you can almost watch plants grow now,they grow so fast in this weather everything has buds on it the iris's the roses and a lot plants that are new to me..Can't wait to see them bloom.Maybe tomorrow I will paint the wooden boxes lil man built for me.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wooden Boxes

LilMan left yesterday afternoon and I already miss him.It sure was great spending time with him.I wish I could spend  everyday with him,I really enjoy it..Please remember to get a child involved with gardening,It will make a gardener for life out of a child and that's a good thing..I believe that gardening can heal your illnesses and relieve stress and just make you a better person..Something as simple as giving them a task of building wooden boxes or weeding or teaching them how to collect seed can last him or her a lifetime..When they become your age you know they will think back on you every time they see a bloom and have good memories..Hopefully they will be telling their grandchildren as they are out in the garden about Great-Great Grandpa

Monday, April 18, 2011


LilMan helped me do a lot of planting today we direct sowed alot of annuals and he helped me build some flower boxes to put around the shrubs for protection from the weedeater then we went on a little fieldtrip right next door to the Jackson Shrine and had a good time just looking around.Here's a few pictures

We both had a good day...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lil Man

Lil man wasn't feeling very well today but he did manage to come out and help me a bit.We planted marigolds all around the perimeter of the vegetable garden and at the back of the property we put in a bed of zinnias and cosmos and yellow hibiscus's about 48'ft long..The marigolds in the vegetable garden are suppose to detur certain insects that like to munch on the vegetation...At the back of the property along the fence I also have some peonys and iris's and some daffodils..

He is sound asleep now,plum tuckered out.He will be with me tomorrow so hopefully he feels better and we can get something else accomplished..It sure is nice having an extra pair of hands around and especially nice spending time with him..: )