Thursday, August 11, 2011

Back In The Day

I don't know how many of you use facebook but there seems to be a unilateral event taking place that goes something like this Your from Such and such if you remember,(fill in the blank)or You went to such and such school in the year if you remember(fill in the blank),This event has put so many people in touch with other's who were friends of year's gone by.Or has taken us down memory lane and made us all smile a bit.I wonder if it would be better to remember these memories on our own or have the experience of other's inputs on our memories.And I wonder if it is better to remember those friends as our mind still recalls them or to find out the true hard facts of  how they turned out.In my humble opinion I think it makes us all realize that we are all pretty much the same just longing for a little touch of the past.Life was a much simpler time back in the day when we were all so full of dreams and promise and beautiful..

Thank you Ricky for use of the pictures..

Monday, August 8, 2011


When you walk up my sidewalk to the porch,There are plants  that come up to your shoulders and are hanging over that you almost have to push out of your way to get through,but I like it like that.When you push them out of the way,you can smell them better.It makes you feel as though your in a different place,somewhere tropical.I get alot of comments on it from people that see it for the first time.They can't believe that I grow all these flowers and grow them from seed.It's something I enjoy doing.I get kidded alot by my friends but it's all in good fun,and I have thick skin so I can take it.Always remember that our time here is very short and do what you enjoy and what makes you smile,then you will be someone other's want to be around because happiness is contagious..