Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pyrography with Gourds

What have I been up to? You ask. Well I know I haven't  had an update in quite a while so here we go. I have been doing my seed trading and planning the vegetable garden, I dont need to grow for food this year because I still have at least another years worth of jarred up good's. This year I get to grow for fun so I'm growing lots of melons :) and new to me Tomato varietys and I will get more into specifics later on of exactly what it is I'm planning on growing and I do believe I've reached a decision of going back to my traditional planting in row's, which I am really looking forward to walking.. Now here is something I tried on a lark and I seem to have a bit of talent for it, needs much work but I've noticed vast improvements in my skill very quickly and I think if I had the material to work with I could really produce something decent but I will have to wait to grow the gourds for you see the two I had to work with were given to me by a farmer down the street that grows them for bird houses that he makes and hang's all over his farm to attract birds thus keeping his insect population down, he explains to me, my reply brilliant and thank you for the two gourds..Here is my first two attemps at pyrography or simply put woodburning on a gourd :)

Hummingbird gourd I put a satin finish on it

Woodburned a Buck on this one, I did the entire gourd all the way around
And here is a photo of the opposite side of it
I will do Monday updates on the blog and if your on Facebook and want to trade seeds with me and the gang Join us at SeedTraders