Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Story of Yvonne's Red Salvia

 If I could choose one gardener to meet and have them show me their gardens, Yvonne would be my choice. I want to tell you a story about a remarkable gardener by the name of Yvonne and her red salvia.
I met a girl by the name of Emily some years back on GardenWeb seed trading site and she would always offer Yvonne's Red Salvia seed for postage, me being new would always go after the postage seeds. I asked her about the seeds and she told me of a neighbor by the name of Yvonne who grew the most beautiful and tallest red salvia, nearly 6ft tall  and she would save the seed and give them to all the neighbors and everyone she met  in her town.  It was her fondest wish to give them to everyone in the country that grew flowers. Emily told Yvonne she could help her spread these seed  to a lot of people through using the Internet and gardenweb. I was so excited to receive these and I loved the story of Yvonne wanting to spread the seeds and how Emily would never trade them and by me accepting them I would agree to never trade them. Although mine never were as huge as Yvonne's, it did not matter to me, I was very happy to help Yvonne spread the love. Although Yvonne has long since passed and now gardens in heaven, her red salvia is now everywhere 
"If you receive these seeds from me or others
\Pass them along to your sister's and brother's
I have a dream no matter where I stay
I will see them in gardens on a sunny day
From sea to sea no matter where I'll be
To see them in gardens would bring Joy to me
Grown and collected from my hand and above
And passed on to you with nothing but love"
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