Friday, December 16, 2011

Pepper Plants

Peppers are a plant that I like to grow.Last season I grew Hot Portugal,Early Jalapeno.and my favorite,pablanos.The pablano's,I love to stuff and prefer them to the bell peppers.The hot Portugal's I like to leave them whole and add to my bread and butter pickles when I can them..They are wonderful like this..The jalapenos,I like to freeze and then I can take out and make homemade jalapeno poppers and I also use them for spices in recipes,I crush them into powder or flakes and put them into a shaker.I also make jelly out of them,that's right jelly,I like spicy..I made my own hot sauce this year also with them..In the fall I pull the whole plants up and cover them in newspaper and hang them from my shed rafters to dry out,for the powder and the flakes..This season I'm going to add a couple more peppers to the mix,I know I am going to try habenero's and the other one I haven't decided yet.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Put to Bed

I finally tilled the vegetable garden under this year..I am so late because I took a few pines out of the front yard and I needed a place to burn the branches and trunks and it took awhile for them to dry out enough to burn..