Saturday, May 21, 2011

County Fair

An older gentleman gave me a cutting of a rose in which was his great-grandmothers.She won this rose when she was a young lady at a county fair in 1920..Everytime I see this rose in bloom it takes me back in time.Can you imagine a county fair in 1920,with entertainment not what it is today,a county fair had to have been a big deal back then.I remember my county fairs when I was young,they were big deals then..In 1920 it had to have been a huge affair.I can imagine it,Its almost like I'm there,what an exciting time it must have been..This rose to me represents a better and simpler time.I still remember when I was a little child seeing my Uncle Tolley and a mule named AppleJack plowing a big garden in May,and my own great-grandmother smiling in the rocker on the front porch...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Philadelphus Virginalis

Let me ask you a question,Do you like the smell of oranges.I know I do,can't beat it,love it,well there is a deciduous shrub that when it blooms it smells and I am not exaggerating,just like oranges,fresh right off the vine oranges or even better still on the tree. I swear it..Its called Philadelphus Virginalis or Mock Orange and its a great shrub,easy to grow from cuttings and it absolutely has a beautiful shape to it and its very quick growing.Here is one I started from a small cutting 2 years ago.I also started one a couple of weeks ago..Love this plant..

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Doesnt Matter Where You Are Planted

Do you like a flower that reseeds itself outside the flowerbed?Once outside the flowerbed do you consider it a weed?Do you think it should be like the others and stay put?If its bloom is not the right shade of a color,do you yank it?so it doesn't cross pollinate with another.If its not the right heighth or width for that particular flower bed,would you pull it?
Maybe the ones in the flowerbed are the ordinary ones.Maybe the one outside the flowerbed is the beautiful bloom.
It doesn't matter where you are planted make the best of it and bloom beautifully
Poppy growing in my driveway by the trashcan

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Vegetable Garden Update II

The vegetable garden is growing like a weed right now everything is up the beans have really taken off, the Toms where I added the compost are very healthy dark green and growing daily,looking good,the only thing I'm concerned with is the cucumbers and I'm not really all that concerned with them but I do have two hills of no shows but the others that have shown are looking very healthy and I will wait another week and then sow some more seed in those hills.Peppers and cabbage and beets all doing great no insect damage yet ,keeping fingers crossed.Weather has been awesome here and hopefully this will continue to be a good growing year..

Monday, May 16, 2011

Hibiscus Cutting Update II


The cutting still looks good,standing on its own,it has two roots beginning to start showing.It should be able to be planted next week,hopefully..Here's the pics of it .You can see the two root nodes beginning.They are the white bumps on the photo above.. one in the top left corner along bottom of stalk and one in the center..