Saturday, May 21, 2011

County Fair

An older gentleman gave me a cutting of a rose in which was his great-grandmothers.She won this rose when she was a young lady at a county fair in 1920..Everytime I see this rose in bloom it takes me back in time.Can you imagine a county fair in 1920,with entertainment not what it is today,a county fair had to have been a big deal back then.I remember my county fairs when I was young,they were big deals then..In 1920 it had to have been a huge affair.I can imagine it,Its almost like I'm there,what an exciting time it must have been..This rose to me represents a better and simpler time.I still remember when I was a little child seeing my Uncle Tolley and a mule named AppleJack plowing a big garden in May,and my own great-grandmother smiling in the rocker on the front porch...

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