Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Change of Plans:(

Well my plans all went out the window,seems where I had my wisteria vine growing there is a distribution box for the drainfield and with a bit of research I discovered that the wisteria roots would have grown into the distribution box and clogged it up which would have given me a lot of work to do down the road with digging the box up and removing the roots and who knows how much damage.I did the smart thing and killed the wisteria,this really bugged me,I could have moved it but after 3 yrs of growing it I decided if I can't have it where I want it,I'm not having it

Not a good pic but here it lays :(

On a brighter note,I finished the swing and it turned out sweet now to scratch my head and figure out what to do with it,for now it will go back in the storage shed, hanging from the rafters until one day when I come up with "The Plan"