Friday, September 30, 2011


Morning Glory's,I never considered growing these myself,until someone sent me seed for some and I thought it odd that someone would send me seed for a,what I considered weed,then it occurred to me that everything is a weed somewhere and a flower somewhere else.People pay lots of money for hosta's and they collect them and some of them are quite expensive.We even have the American Hosta Society,this probably perplexes and amuses people of the Northeast Asia region.I grew Morning Glory's for the first time this year,I didn't realize there are over a 1000 species of this flower,I only thought the ones that grow wild around here were the only ones.Of all the flowers I grew this year this one gave me the greatest joy.It just amazed me,the amount of blooms and how lovely it is.Every morning the beautiful flowers are there to greet me,on my way to get the morning paper from the box and now I read my paper out in the yard so I can enjoy them.They grow as a climbing plant  and train really well.Very quick to climb.I hope anyone that reads this,goes ahead try's these wonderful plants in their garden,they sure have brought me great joy this year.

As I sit at my roundtable,at my church
I read yesterday's happenings
I see the pines swaying in the morning breeze
I see the streams of light peeking through the pine tree's
I see the morning fog lifting and showing what the day is to be
I see the morning glory's open as if they all came to pray with me
Tommy Meade

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shed Update

Well I got most of it framed.I still have the shingles and all the vinyl siding yet to do and some more work with getting the back porch floor in and some more soffit work,but definetly making progress