Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Garden Design

I'm very excited about this new design I'm doing in the vegetable garden, first you enter through a tunnel to get into the garden, it will be covered in beans, this is gonna make them easy to pick and I took extra time to make sure it will last throughout the season, then when you reach the end of the tunnel, there will be two paths, one to the right the other to the left, the left side of the right hand path will be lined with tomatoes and will ark up towards the front of the garden then curve back down towards the rear of the garden. To the right of this path will be lined with peppers, and in the center of the right curve will be a watermelon patch, and the other space will be cukes.Now take the left path out of the tunnel and you come on another path with the identical layout, shaped like a sideway's S, tomatoes again line oneside and on the other side will be ground cherries and garden huckleberries and eggplant. In  one space of the s will be a triangular structure for pinto snaps in the other will be squash.. The front and two sides will be marigolds and the back will be sunflowers,this is gonna be beautiful...The tomato stakes are in the tunnel is built each stake will have 2 tomato plants,Its layed out for 24 tomato plants.