Thursday, July 21, 2011

Salsa Time

Well it's time to put up a few jars of salsa,and since I'm being overrun with toms and peppers.It's a good salsa situation,almost like the perfect salsa storm,lol..The peppers are early jalapeno's and the tom's are Paul Robeson,RedBrandywine,Blackbrandywine,Rutgers,and Cherokee Purple.I use Annie's Salsa recipe,anyone familiar with Gardenweb will have heard of it.It is very very good..

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hardy Hibiscus Collection

 My Hardy Hibiscus Collection
I try and grow a few new ones each year,I have 3 new ones this year that wont bloom till next year.
Most of these were grown from seeds,the wonderful thing about them is they come back year after year and they require very little care,you have to watch for whiteflys early on and the Japanese beatles like them but other than that they are quite easy to tend to and they are very showy when blooming and have a long bloom season,the only drawbacks I see with them are the whiteflys and beatles and the flower only lasts a day but they have so many blooms that you never realize the flower only lasts a day
If you click on the pic's,you can get a better view
 Yellow that really isnt hardy but reseeds everywhere
 This is a Rose of Sharon that I grew from seed very pretty purple with red throat
 White one that bloomed first time this year,grew from seed last year
 White one with red throat,bought it this year

Fire ball Hibiscus,bought, this one was my first hibiscus

A red one grown from my Mother's seed from her hibiscus

A lite pink with red throat,bloomed 1st year from seed

Monday, July 18, 2011


I planted these for birdseed this winter and for my grandson,he likes these flowers,they grew pretty tall this year..