Friday, February 3, 2012

Arbor Phase 1

Today I got the first coat of paint on the rebuilt swing for the arbor,I used a oil based stain killer for the 1st coat.I will let that dry and lightly sand then add the gloss black top coat then add the color to the back slats,still haven't decided on white,or green but ruled out red:) I'm kinda leaning towards white because the top rail I would like to freehand some vines and green leaves and it would show up on the white,just to fancy it up a bit.Here's the pic so far

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Rebuilding old porchswing

Got started on the 1st phase of the arbor build.I took the old swing apart and cut new pieces and put it back together..

This is the damage,it's a gonner
Here it's been disassembled and the good side used as a pattern
Here it is reassembled with all rotten wood replaced
I'm starting the painting tomorrow,Its going gloss black with the back slats going green or white or red,can't make my mind up yet..

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wisteria support

I've been thinking of something to do down in the corner of my property for over a year now and I think I've come up with an Idea.I like climbers and I have a wisteria plant from a cutting,growing down in that corner so I've decided to build like a freestanding arbor for it and my brother gave me a porch-swing he was gonna throw away that needs quite a bit of work but the chain is there and most of the frame is decent.I will just have to replace a few boards on it and strip it put a new finish.So here is a sketch of the plans,I'm know artist,this is just a generalization of the plan
As you can see up top,no drawing skills
Now here is the corner of the property,the arbor will go just in front of the tumbling composter and it will be 6x6 with a foot overhang on each side

This will give me a shady place to rest when working in the vegetable garden
Next is a pic of the wisteria,it's ready to really start climbing,Im thinking I would like to have clematis and other vines climbing it too.Will have to see if they can coexist together and I could have a couple of potted shade loving plants inside the arbor also

If you click on the pic,you will get a better view,It's ready to start climbing big time

Next is a pic of the swing hanging in the shed

As you can see there are several pieces that need replaced but all I have to do is disassemble it and then I will have my pattern pieces to cut new ones by .This should be a fun project and I look forward to starting.I will start on the swing first