Saturday, April 23, 2011

They're Back

Seems after yellow the next color to show up in the garden is blue and not long after that is purple and then the rainbow of colors follows,at least that's the way it is around here..My wife(Laurie) saw a hummingbird yesterday returning to the yard after his winter vacation somewhere tropical,he flew up to her to promptly inform her of his return and that he would be expecting to be fed daily if she were to enjoy his company throughout the summer and I am sure that was his intentions.I've seen them fly to the window and look inside the house looking for me or her to inform us their feeder is empty..You know I like a pet like that,one to let you know their food supply is empty,takes a little bit of work out of it on my part if you ask me..Laurie went to the store and bought them a new feeder,the other damaged in winter storms this past winter and she filled it and hung it up for them..Now I can watch their midair attacks on one another yet again this summer.They are very possessive of their feeders.They are fun to watch especially when they come looking for you..

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