Thursday, April 21, 2011

Painted Boxes

My Toms are doing real good I can't believe how fast they are growing.I repotted a bunch of them today in their own little cups and did a bunch of peppers too
They are healthy,wintersowing is the way to go with these..
The composter is doing really well.Its heating up nicely,I have another one to build for Jerry a friend of mine and with the help of some very nice people at a soil forum on GardenWeb,I have to decided to make a couple of modifications,they had really good ideas on this and will document it when we build it .Thank you Darth weeder and Taz..
My Fireball hibiscus is coming up and I dug up one of the sprouts and transplanted it along the driveway,hopefully it will take root,it is truly my favorite plant around here.

The azalea is blooming in the pines,3rd year and it looks really nice
And yes I painted my grandson's boxes..Thank you Bradley(lilMan)

Well time to go water some more straw....

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