Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Today on the way home this morning,I picked up one more bale of straw, and finished up the reseeded and tilled areas,tomorrow I will post a picture of the areas..I have been going over plans in my head,on a porch swing..I would like to spruce up the front porch area,I'm thinking,build a porch swing,restain the porch floor and stain the swing to match..Ive just been finalizing the details of it in my head..If you can picture it in your mind you can do it and I've almost got all the details pictured.Also I would like to build my daughter a hectagon pick- nick table before summer is out and I need to build a place for my riding lawn mower to be stored..So today is just a day of pondering,laying out and finalizing small details,going over imaginary material lists and going to the lumber yard in my head and choosing those materials I will need..
If you can see it,you can do it..                  

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