Saturday, April 16, 2011

Marigolds,Zinnias and Cosmos

First the weather,not good little chilly little windy and a lot of rainny but its all good because today is the day I can't play anyway..Every year about now is when I put out the marigolds,zinnias and cosmos and then I do the annual vines and a few more annual flowers like the crego asters and ageratum,you see they dont like the cold so its better to waite till you think you wont get any frosts and I think that maybe in about two or three weeks when they germinate that we might be in the clear..Little man(grandson) is coming over today and spending the nite and that will be a good project for him and I,tommorow..I'm getting the seeds all together and I've got a pile of them but I'm glad I saved so many because I think I want to put a zinnia and cosmos bed in along the entire length of the back fence this year..I think it will be beautiful...

Thats a lot of seed....Here are the new zinnias and marigolds I'm gonna try..I'm a sucker for new zinnias

Last year I planted Purple Princess and loved it..I think annuals like marigolds and zinnias are the workhorses of the flowerbeds..They bloom nonstop till frost..

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