Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hardy Hibiscus

Today I helped a neighbor do some tilling over on his property,he was wanting to get his grass in better shape,so I gave him a little hand..Monday it is supposed to rain here so I'm thinking of rooting a hibiscus cutting.My favorite plants are hibiscus's.I love their big showy blooms,they usually stop people in their tracks when they see them.There is a street near a college in Richmond that for about a 3 mile stretch the whole medium strip is planted in hardy hibiscus's,its absolutely beautiful.If you don't know who the Fleming brothers are,google them,they are my heroes.They did a lot of hibiscus hybridizing and patenting a few years back,many of the hardy hibiscus's you buy today are from their efforts such as Lord Baltimore and Lady Baltimore,Kopper King,FireBall,Old yella,Plum Crazy,Fantasia,and the Robert Fleming,They dedicated more than 50 yrs of their lives to hybridizing perennials and they loved the hardy hibiscus.Monday we will try and clone a fireball hibiscus

                                                           My FireBall Hardy Hibiscus


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