Monday, April 25, 2011

PorchSwing (part 1)

Today I got a lot more tomatoes potted up and the straw watered and then I finally went and picked up all the material for the porch swing.I built one a few years back for my daughter and when I finished it,I was wishing I had one just like it so now I will.The plans came from BuildEazy.Com,they are free and they have great woodworking plans.
That's a lot of wood for 1 porch swing,I chose pine because of the price,cheap,my kinda price,I'm good at finish coating so I know I can get away with using pine and it will last with a good finish coat.

I started by cutting all the side pieces,If anyone wants detailed info I would be glad to explain the details..These plans are pretty straight forward..I used a flower pot to draw my curves.I used a jigsaw for cutting the curves.I used a miter box for all my straight cuts and a palm sander for all sanding and shaping..Other than that I used a speed square,pencil,drill,drill bits, and hammer..every thing will be fastened with decking screws that will be countersunk and wood filled and galvanized carriage bolts and washers and nuts.
I know it doesn't look like much yet,but trust me you'll like it..
Building things is like putting a puzzle together,the only difference is you have to make the puzzle pieces first..

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