Wednesday, May 4, 2011


It was in the low 80's yesterday,today lower 50's and rainy and I hate the cold.Tomorrow its gonna warm back up,which brings me to my point, I almost wished it was tomorrow already and I caught myself because I hate to wish time away.I hear people say on Monday how they wish it were Friday already and that would be terrible if we didn't have to wait for things.I sometimes hear parents with young children wishing the children were a little older and I'm thinking to myself,no way,be careful what you wish for..Now that my children are all grown up,I've caught myself wishing they were small again but then I would miss the Grandchildren, and I do countdown the days till spring because I do hate winter,hey I'm a gardener and I run a research facility called Tom'sGarden,winter is the enemy.So you see this moment in time is not so bad and being patient and enjoying Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday just makes Friday that much sweeter
.I Wintersowed Foxglove in December of 2009
and here it bloomed last week for the first time
and I wouldn't have wished it quicker
because the wait was just as enjoyable
as the blooms..

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