Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Confederate Rose Update

Well I've got 10 sprouts, now to get them to grow this year and return next year,since I have 10,I can experiment a little bit.I will plant some directly into the soil and some will be repotted and I will try to overwinter them in their pots and plant them out next spring.

My daughter gave me a birdhouse a few years back that is falling a part it has been residing up in a tall pine for the last couple of years and its falling apart so I got it down today and restored it and put it on the front porch where I can admire it from the swing,that swing is getting a workout,believe me:o)
                                                   I put it back together and stained it


I restained the little well house I built a few years back,it helps hide the well pipe that comes out of the ground in that area.

                         I think now I'm gonna go plant me some confederate roses...

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