Monday, September 12, 2011


My neighbor is in his 60's and he doesn't get around too well.I till his garden for him in the Spring and he asked me if I would help him build an addition on his shed,which means would you build an addition onto my shed,lol.No problem,I love building things,anything to do with carpentry,I truly love.His shed is 10x10 and he wanted to add a 10x 16 giving him a 10x26.The Amish in Pennsylvania built the first part and delivered it,so I'm to match their framing.No problem,I say,on one condition.What's that,he reply's.I get to add a back porch on it for you,he laughs and say's it's a deal.I got started last week removing the vinyl siding from the back area and have the floor in and the wall's up, now on to the roof..

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  1. Wow, you are one awesome neighbor. Clearly, I've moved to the wrong neighborhood, LOL!