Tuesday, September 13, 2011


September is the month that usually means to me the end of the garden season.We still have a month until we have frost,but the days are getting shorter and the leaves are changing ever so slightly.It is a time for seed collecting and cleaning up the vegetable garden area and the flower beds,it's just a time of moving on to other projects.Now it is also a time of remembering where you were on The Day.I remember it and always will till the end of my days.I owned my own company at that time and had a lot of family working for me.My brother in law and I were at my dad's home putting vinyl siding up on dad's home for him.We went inside for a drink of water and my dad had been watching T.V. and he said that we are under attack.We said from who but he didn't know.He had told us that they had invaded N.Y city and were now invading D.C. We glanced at the t.v. for a second and saw smoke and people running for their lives.I told dad that Mike and I would take for the woods with rifles and set up an ambush for when they came for the house and hold them off as long as we could,he agree'd on the plan.We went to the gun cabinet and loaded up with rifles and ammunition and set out for the wood's.Seem's funny now looking back 10 years but there was nothing funny about that day,it was a bit of misinformation that led to our perception of the events,and I'm sure we weren't the only one's with misinformation that day,it was a very chaotic day. We thought they would be paratrooping in on us at any moment and we were prepared for a fight.Hours passed,no planes,no paratroopers,no sounds of heavy artillery in the distance toward's D.C.We made our way out of the woods and back to the house,where dad was still watching T.V. He told us it was  terrorist's and they were all dead..So it wasn't another country invading us,it was a senseless cowardess act.I will never forget that day and neither will any of you.God Bless The U.S.A.

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