Monday, August 29, 2011

Shake and Blow

Well we have had some interesting weather to say the least,here in Virginia.First about 25 miles from here was the epicenter of an earthquake,that's right an earthquake,I was at home at the time and just had lay'd down for a nap.My dogs started squirming around then the house started shaking,I know this is common in some states but not here.I thought as many did living this close to D.C.,terrorist attack.then realized earthquake and thought it would stop in a couple of seconds but it got bigger and bigger and panic set in,lol,yeah I got scared it shook a little too much for my liking and I bolted,me and the dogs ran for the back door and hit the back yard running,lol,what a sight that must have been..5.8 I think is what they said it was.It was scary.We suffered absolutely no damage as far as my eye can see where the underground rivers are now remains to be seen.The second weather event was a hurricane,Irene,we do get hurricanes from time to time so we are more prepared for these events although they are rather rare here and are usually downgraded to a tropical storm..We all took the usual precautions of emptying the local grocery stores of all bread and water,lol,generators were not available because of the earthquake they were all sold out of.I gathered up all the lawn furniture and filled the tub full of water.Then a couple of hours before it hit,I went to work that's right,crazy huh,I agree but wasn't my choice,see I haul mail in a tractor-trailer and it takes an act of congress,literally to stop the mail.I started out in central Virginia,Richmond to be exact and picked up my load and headed for Maryland,long story short saw many accidents and trees downed and when I made it back to Richmond,I couldn't get my pickup to go home because of downed tree's and power lines so I took the road tractor home..What will come next?I don't know,it's been an interesting couple of weeks.Hope everyone that went through these events came out like me,safe and sound with just tree branches to clean up...

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  1. Glad to hear you are all okay there! From a Californian, you did the right thing, bolt for the door and get outside if you can. Our saying here is, "Earthquakes don't kill people. Buildings kill people." It's scary to think of them in places like Virginia because people don't know what to do. When one hit in Chicago, a woman we were on the phone with said they all ran for the basement. We said Noooooo! That's where the building falls into!

    Hopefully, you'll never have to worry about one again.