Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Walking A Row

I prefer to walk a row,I reckon maybe you can say that I'm not creative enough.I don't know I just prefer to walk a row,now don't get me wrong.I love to see pictures of the beautiful creative vegetable gardens and how people incorporate the hardscaping into it and some even add flowers,and I love the look of the raised beds how neat and orderly,but walking a row sometimes gives me a feeling of being around people long ago that taught me about vegetable gardening.I don't get that feeling all the time but every now and again I get a piece of it and it feels good,just makes you feel at peace and it makes you smile.Maybe next year I will try something a little more creative with the vegetable garden,I'm sure they wouldn't mind,maybe they will be sitting up in heaven looking down on me laughing their butts off,Grandma White hollerin at Tolley,What's he doing?Tolley answering,Dang'd if I know,The boy has lost his mind!!

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