Friday, June 17, 2011

Vegetable Garden Update

Vegetable garden on May 24th

Today June 17th
It has grown very well so far,we have decent weather,about once a week I lose a squash plant to svb,but there are plenty of them usually 3 to a hill,and the squash and zucchini are coming off by the bucket fulls now.pickling cucumbers will be ready to start picking and canning this weekend.The tomato plants are 4 ft tall and loaded on one plant I counted 23 toms and its still flowering.I've been pulling all suckers off of them and keeping them to two main branches but some do have 3 main branches,because I missed a sucker every now and again.The cabbage heads are ready to cut off,I'm gonna make my father some corned beef and cabbage for fathers day and take it over to him.The pepper plants are putting peppers out now.I read somewhere to go out and thump the plants in the morning and since I started doing that the peppers have been setting..That white thing in the top right corner is a 5 gl bucket to give you an idea of the size of plants.You can barely make out my trellis I built for the pole beans to climb some vines are well over 9ft.All the plants are huge this year.I hope everyone's garden is doing great...


  1. What do you mean by "thump" the plants? It looks really great. I'm working on a bed right now and I hope it looks as nice as yours.

    Happy Gardening,
    -Kristina K.

    Urban Farm Wife

  2. Kristina,I read that sometimes the pollen gets clumped up in the flower and you can go out in the mornings and just flick with your finger on the near bottom of the plant stalk or gently shake the plant to loosen up the pollen and I dont know if it worked or it was just a coincedence because the next day the plants set fruit that hadn't been previously,so I'm gonna keep the practice of thumping the pepper plants up:o)