Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Seasons Change

The leaves are reds and golds and you can almost hear them in the tree's almost like laughter or more like giggles, yeah more like giggles, maybe they are giggling about the cool temperatures and how clean the air feels and smells. I think they are giggling because we are slowing down a bit to notice them and this pleases them very much. To me never is there a month that when you go outside that you do not want to go back inside. Never is there a month when you go outside that you want to say Thank you Lord.Never is there a month that when you walk outside that you want to stop and start giggling with the leaves. This is one of my favorite times of the year, the squirrels are scurrying about even the birds seem to be in a more fast pace, all creatures are really hustling now, but those leaves they seem to just be playing in the breezes and giggling amongst each other, It must be there favorite time of year also, I bet they are looking around at each other and seeing how beautiful and colorful they are that they just burst out in giggles.. Go ahead and  giggle and play my little friends because I sure enjoy watching and listening to you this time of year...

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