Thursday, January 26, 2012


This is going to be a demonstration on How to WinterSow.We start wintersowing as early as the wintersolstice in December.Some seed need cold stratifying (meaning to go through cold-warm periods)to coax the seed to germinate,just as in mother nature when a plant reseed's itself. 1st the reason we wintersow in recyclable containers  is to protect the seed a bit,If you direct sowed,meaning to plant the seed in the flower bed,It could very well get washed away from heavy rains, or seedling may come up in a less than desirable place,It could be eaten by a insect or bird or other.You might not be able to Identify it come spring and accidentally weed it out.You could grow the seed inside under lights.This is expensive and brings gnats into the home and seedlings would need to be  hardened off(meaning to be acclimated to their surroundings)You would also lose seedlings to damping off(a fungal disease common to seedlings and seed grown inside)Also with wintersowing,you don't need to scarify or presoak a seed..Mother Nature takes care of that...

It's an alternative way of germinating the seed as to emulate mother nature in a protective setting,No hardening off,No damping off,No expensive lighting.No scarifying,No presoaking seed.Here's how.Start by prepping a recycled plastic container.There are many different types,MilkJugs,Soda bottles,Juice containers,Take-out containers,just to name a few.

Start with container

Remove screw top and throw away!!
  • Cut holes in the bottom of recycled container and one hole in the center for inserting scissors

Cut container in two pieces,If using a bottle or jug.

  • Cut V's in side of bottle,this allows the top to fit back on and can be raised or lowered for ventilation.

  • Have your seeds ready and you can label the top.I use a paint pen,it doesn't fade out in the elements.

Add soil, Rule of Thumb,at least a thumbs length,I'm using Miracle gro potting soil,any good quality potting soil will work

.Wet soil and let drain to the consistency of brownie mix and add seed's

Add the top and set it out and forget about it

Now here is what you get come Spring

Its That Simple and Addicting

That's it there are many different variations of wintersowing,this just gives you a general ideal
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  1. Hi Tom!
    Great pictures of preparing the container. I like the idea of the paint pen and I'm going to try that out this year. Thanks for posting this on my blog! Can't wait to see how your winter sowing goes this year.


  2. Thank you for providing all this info and the tutorial!

    1. Thankyou Laura,for taking your time to view this,I really enjoy'd sharing wintersowing

  3. Tom, You have a very nice site. I am presenting winter sowing to a group and would like to use some of your photos and text. May I have your permission to do so. I may also put them in our monthly Master Gardener newsletter since I am the editor.
    Alice Marty
    Mobile County Master Gardener

    1. Absolutely Alice :) I wish you well on your presentation..

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