Thursday, December 8, 2011


  • I received my seeds I ordered a couple of weeks ago,I sent some to a person who had lost some of their tree's during a storm in October.Mostly this year I'm going to wintersow tree and shrub seed's.I ordered these from seeds and more in Canada,they were great to deal with and the seeds were plentiful and nicely packaged,I packaged these and sent the nicer packages to the person who lost their tree's.Here is my list of what I've gotten..

  • BeautyBush(kolkwitzia amabilis)
  • Golden RainTree(koelreuteria paniculata)
  • Tatarian Maple(acer tataricum subsp. ginnala 'flame'
  • Northern Catalpa (catalpa speciosa)
  • Japanese Maple 'Emperor1'(acer palmatum'atropurpureum'cv)
  • Father Hugo Rose
  • Father David's Rose
I will start these on the winter solstice,using the wintersowing method..If any of you have never tried this method,it is the best for starting seed...

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