Monday, May 9, 2011

Hibiscus Cutting Update

I have to get organized on all this so from now on Monday's will be Hibiscus Updates,Wednesdays will be Vegetable garden Updates and Fridays will be Flowers with a slideshow of whats blooming and Tuesdays and Thursdays might not be,  but occasionally will when we have a project,which I have several but will be saved for this winter..Tumbling composter is doing very well I'm just about ready for sifting..

HardyHibiscus Update

The first days the cuttings leaves drooped and the cutting couldn't stand on its own,I used a potted plant to hold it up.Now it can stand on its own and the leaves are no longer drooping and it looks very healthy at the moment.I've also noticed two white bumps that may be the start of roots,too early to tell just yet maybe next week we will know can see them but not too clearly in the third shot..

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