Friday, May 27, 2011


I've been very busy.When I grew the grass in the pines,I reckon I didn't think about mowing it,but it sure looks good.This fall I've got to do the other side of the pines,rake up everything and set it on fire and sow grass..I have been shaping all the trees in the pines,there are some pin oaks and maples and some white oaks.The weather is getting very hot here so have to work in the mornings or evenings,even though I still spend most of the day outside,doesn't matter how hot it gets,but I'm definitely moving much slower and spend a great deal of time watering.I went through yesterday and gave everything a shot of liquid miracle grow and I pulled all the suckers off the tomato plants.Ive got the confederate roses going.I've got one where I want it another in a flower bed and one planted in a pot and I'm babying them along.I will have one blooming by the fall of 2013...I started training a wisteria to grow in an arch from the fence to my composter.I'm hoping to make an opening into a garden there..More on that to come,that's a several year project that's just in the pencil and paper and my mind stage..Everyone have a wonderful Memorial Day and be safe..

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  1. Tom, your property is absolutely beautiful. From someone who lives in a California tract development, it looks like a slice of heaven!