Thursday, April 7, 2011

Confederate Rose


                                                                       Confederate Rose
This plant has eluded me the last couple of years,and I have really wanted to add it to the gardens..I have never done anything special to grow it,I'm under the schooling of tough-love.If it doesnt germinate and grow well for me there are hundreds that will eagerly take its place and be happy to be in my garden,but this one has got me hooked and I have decided to give it one last shot,atleast I say that now.Its not really rose,its a hibiscus.

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I have researched it and have decided I will give it a little special treatment this year and try and get this out of my system..and to go with the strength in numbers game..

confederate roses and texas star hibiscus's sowed today... Hopefully come fall I might see a bloom,or atleast next fall..Now onto more tomato seed sowing...

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